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It's our focus to provide the public with current knowledge about the Alternative Fuel Market and the accessibility of alternative "Smart" transportation methods here in Louisville KY. Our primary focus is on different more environmentally friendly fuel alternatives and where to acquire them. With global warming and climate change affecting everyday life, we need to come together on issues that will better ours and future generations lives for the immediate and foreseeable future.


Made for diesel engines. "Biodiesel" is a fuel made from previously living organisms be they plant or animal. Some ready examples would soybean oil, peanuts, and banana oils. In addition animal fats that have been previously used as cooking oils can be used as a diesel fuel. However using these types of refined cooking oils that have not been properly processed into diesel fuel is not recommended.

Wood Gas


Wood gas is less well known than its other biofuel counterparts, but as the new kid in town, its potential has to be truly tapped. By burning down things we already have available, like woodchips and sawdust, we're able to produce an abundance of wood gas and reduce our reliance on petroleum.

Methanol has progressed a long way since the days of its production by the destructive distillation of wood. It's now sustainably produced alongside other biofuels, such as ethanol. It represents a more affordable, available way for individuals, organizations, and countries to reduce carbon.


Ethanol is a type of biodiesel that you're probably familiar with - it's the same alcohol found in spirits! We have several used cars on our dealer lot that use E-85 Ethanol.

Purchasing a BHPH Car Guys car in Louisville KY can get you started on the path of taking personal responsibility to adapting to more environmentally friendly Alternative fuels and changing the air quality in Louisville KY.

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Personal Choices Matter

Environmental responsibility starts with us as individuals.

Changing our driving habits can be hard, after all here in Louisville KY what we drive says a lot about us. 

We can do a lot for our environment just by changing the car we choose to drive.

Simply changing from an SUV to a more practical 4 cylinder economy car can have a personal impact on the quality of air here in Louisville. And for great buy here pay here Louisville KY check out the Louisville car guys. They have great cars at even greater prices.

Processed Coal Technology Initiative
Producing "Syngas" or synthetic gas from coal, isn't new. Used mostly in power generating plants, it's now finding it's way into the transportation sector as an economically viable biofuel.

Save Fuel at Home.

Americans often don't realize how much energy a home uses through inefficiency caused by their windows. Simply installing high efficiency replacement windows Louisville KY can drastically affect energy bills due to using a lot less to heat and cool a regular home.

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